Education transforms lives. United World Schools develops schools in some of the world’s poorest regions to give children access to free education, teaching them to read, write and count. 

Just a small amount can make a huge difference:

£85 could support a child to go to school for an entire year

or £500 could support a classroom of children to go to school for a term

We believe that every child deserves the chance to go to school. However, many ethnic-minority groups and isolated communities are never given this opportunity. In the areas we work across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal, children live in communities that are far-removed from the nearest government schools and they are often unable to communicate in their national language. They are left with no way to build a better future, remaining trapped in a relentless cycle of illiteracy and poverty. 

Education is their only hope. Since 2009, we have been on a mission to teach the unreached, developing primary schools in the heart of these children’s communities. Today we have over 200 schools which have reached over 30,000 children. These are teaching children to read, write and count in their own languages and close to their homes. Education is giving them an opportunity to access new opportunities that will transform their life chances and those of their families. 

However, we are just getting started. Millions of children worldwide are still out of school and they need our help. We cannot reach them without you. We have a number of communities in urgent need of education, but we simply do not have enough funding to help them all. It costs just £1.83 to educate a child for a week. By partnering your business or making a donation today, you can help transform lives.

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