Welcome to Week 5 of our Global Citizenship Video Challenge! 

Great job finalising your budget! You can put away those calculators and take out some crayons, as you will now design your new school. Watch the video with Ellie and then follow the steps below. Be sure to channel your inner architect!


Research the landscape, terrain, and natural disasters in the country where you are building a school! Hint: Find some images to help visualise the country! 

  • Are there mountains? Rivers? Jungles?
  • What is the weather like?
  • Are there earthquakes? Floods? Landslides?


Design the new school building. You can draw on paper or make a design on the computer. Follow the checklist below!

Outside your school

  • Paint the walls 
  • Design a welcome sign

Bird's eye view of your school

  • Design a layout for the whole school
  • Design the sports pitch, vegetable garden, and playground
  • Choose a location for the toilets and the well

Inside your school

  • Design desks and tables
  • Create colourful and inspiring classroom displays
  • Choose a location for the library. How will it look?


SHARE! Take a photo of your design and share on social media and tag @TeamUWS, or send it to us at [email protected] We will share the top 3 pieces of work across our social media channels.


Make a 3D model of your school made of recycled materials!

To read more about the challenge, check out this blog!

Questions? Feedback? Get in touch! [email protected]