Welcome to Week 3 of our Global Citizenship Video Challenge! 

For every school that we build, it's important that we work with both the government and the local community. Last week we focused on getting support from the government, and this week we are focusing on the community! 

In this week's challenge you'll be planning and performing a speech about the importance of education for the village in which we want to build a school. Can you help us to establish some good relations with the local community? Watch the video to get started and then follow the instructions below.

Thank you Narith from UWS Cambodia! Let's find out more about these communities. 

STEP 1: Research what life is like in a remote, marginalised community

Look at this Community Research Pack to gain understanding of life and challenges where we work. This will give you some background information to help you in the next step. 

STEP 2: Plan and perform your speech

Today’s challenge requires you to write a 3 minute speech to deliver to the community. Think about what you could say to let them know about the benefits of having a school. 

Think about: 

  • What opportunities do children have if they have a school? 
  • What do children, parents and community members need, and how will a school benefit all of them?
  • Make sure you consider the local context from all the information you have gathered so far.

STEP 3: Share your work with us

Record your speech and share with us on social media tagging @TeamUWS and using the hashtags #GlobalCitizenshipChallenge and #stayathomechallenge. Alternatively you can send us your work at [email protected]We will share the top 3 pieces of work across our social media channels. Don't forget, you need to share all six challenges with us to receive your Global Citizenship Award! 

To read more about the challenge, check out this blog!

Questions? Feedback? Get in touch! [email protected]