Welcome to Week 2 of our Global Citizenship Video Challenge! 

After deciding where to build a school, we now need to get support from the government. It's really important to ensure any schools we build are managed sustainably and working with the government is absolutely key to this.

In this week's challenge you'll be writing to the government of the country you researched last week - can you convince them to support your school project? Watch the video to get started and then follow the instructions below.

Thank you Than Sovvy from UWS Cambodia! Time to get persuading...

STEP 1: Write a letter to the government of Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal

Can you persuade the government to support you in building a new school for a community which doesn’t currently have one?

Things to think about:

  • Why is it so important to work with local governments?
  • What could be the consequences if they do not support the project?
  • How will a school benefit the children, the local community and the country as a whole? 

Remember to: 

  • Include persuasive language
  • Structure your letter in clear paragraphs
  • Include some of your research from last week 

STEP 2: Share your work with us

Tell us how you will persuade the government to support the building of a new school and how you propose working together in a respectful and collaborative way. Share your ideas with us on social media tagging @TeamUWS and using the hashtags #GlobalCitizenshipChallenge and #stayathomechallenge, or send to us at [email protected]. We will share the top 3 pieces of work across our social media channels.

To read more about the challenge, check out this blog!

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