Welcome to Week 1 of our Global Citizenship Video Challenge! 

We believe that it is more important than ever to stay connected with the wider world. Over the next six weeks, we need your help to build a brand new UWS school. Can you plan, design and fund a school? Complete all six challenges and you will receive a special Global Citizenship Award at the end! 

The first step is deciding which country to build your school in, by researching either Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal. Watch the video to get started and then follow the instructions below.

You will have just heard from Sophea in the UWS Cambodia team. Time to put yourselves in UWS’ shoes!

We need you to: 

  1. Research Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal. What interests you most?

    You could choose to look at: 
    • Climate and geography
    • Population facts
    • Dress, religion, music, festivals, culture and customs
    • The country’s flag
    • Famous places and landmarks
    • History of the country
    • Government and politics (historical or current)
    • Schools and education
    • The language(s) of the country
  2. Choose how to present your findings 

    You could do a drawing, record a presentation or make a factsheet.

  3. Share your work with us

    We believe collaboration is the way forward in solving big challenges, which is why we would love you to share your findings with us! Take a photo of your work - whether this be a factsheet, artwork, poem or record your presentation. Share on social media tagging @TeamUWS and using the hashtags #GlobalCitizenshipChallenge and #stayathomechallenge, or send to us at [email protected]. We will share the top 3 pieces of work across our social media channels.

Watch this space for Week 2, out Wednesday 1 April!

To read more about the challenge, check out this blog!

Questions? Feedback? Get in touch! [email protected]