We invite up to six volunteers a year to support our programmes in Cambodia. We ask all volunteers to be over the age of 18 and to commit to at least 12 weeks working with our UWS Schools.

There is no cost to volunteering with UWS but all volunteer trips are self-funded. UWS will help source safe and cheap accommodation for volunteers and in-country living costs remain remarkably low.

Find out how to volunteer in the UK here    


Volunteering at UWS has shown me the value of intercultural learning, conflict resolution and poverty reduction… Everyday I see and learn how this can be applied and committed to in everyday life. I’m proud to be part of the UWS movement." 
Vera, UWS Educational Volunteer

How to Apply

We select volunteers based on who will have the biggest impact; either by the skills they currently possess, the amount they will raise, or their ability to champion our mission.

Prior to volunteering, but not necessarily before applying, we ask all applicants to have gained some teaching experience in a Primary School. This can be through shadowing a Primary Teacher in the volunteer’s home country for a week.

To apply please contact a member of the UWS team at [email protected] and include a CV and Cover Letter with details of:

  • Why you would like to volunteer with UWS
  • Which Partner School you currently go to/were educated at
  • When you would like to volunteer and how flexible you can be on dates
  • What skills or experience can you offer such as developing communications, or leading science and art programmes for students
  • What your fundraising target for UWS would be prior to your trip
  • How you would be a long term ambassador for UWS

Get in touch with us to find out more.

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