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United World Schools (UWS-USA) believes every child deserves access to quality, inclusive classrooms.

Through the private support of donors across the United States and countries around the world, our pioneering model has built more than 260 primary schools across Myanmar, Madagascar, Nepal, and Cambodia at an average cost of less than $40,000 per site.

With a typical annual operating budget under $10,000 per school, our sustainability and results are proven by unmatched data, and countless lives and communities changed. UWS schools consistently meet and exceed the national standards in each of our countries, our emphasis on girls education ensures equal access as a minimum build requirement for all of our schools, and our community-centric approach develops an ecosystem of lifelong learning and growth around our learning sites.

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  • Our mission

    United World Schools-USA’s (UWS) mission is to improve life opportunities for children living in some of the world’s most remote and marginalized areas through free access to inclusive education.

    UWS schools are the only schools in the communities where we build. Without our schools, children will often walk 10 miles or more – each way – IF they attend any school at all. UWS schools range from 50-150 students aged 4-11 and typically include teacher’s quarters and libraries. In many cases, we provide the community basic electricity through solar panels, and water and sanitation facilities for community-wide use. Think of our schools as not just places of learning, but truly centers of community. 

    With a focus on teaching key reading, math, and core life skills, UWS has been recognized by UNESCO and other top global organizations for our innovation in education, and our schools consistently meet and exceed their national standards in academic performance and student progression rates.

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Where we work

  • Partners schools

    The UWS Partner School Program is designed to channel children's passions and energies in the service of helping others, with lifelong results. Students dream up innovative ways to raise funds to support a UWS School while raising awareness and educating those in their own community about the needs of children living in unreached regions of the world. /Handlers/Download.ashx?IDMF=e73c090e-1529-4ec5-b7e3-0a365111a3fc Read more