Happily ever smarter

Help children live

Happily ever Smarter

Happily Ever Smarter was a life-changing United World Schools campaign backed by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) under its UK Aid Match initiative.

Between 29th April 2021 and 29th July 2021, the UK government matched your donations to help children from marginalised communities across Asia to get a vital education and live Happily Ever Smarter. Your donations will help us educate children, train teachers, build new schools and more in hundreds of remote, marginalised communities across Asia. 

Thanks to your incredible support, we raised £2,809,067 to help children live Happily Ever Smarter, including £1,296,677 from the UK government!

United World Schools has transformed hundreds of communities and reached 43,000 children in Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia with a life-changing education - and with your support, we can help
even more children across Asia live Happily Ever Smarter.

Through building schools and investing in local communities, we are giving thousands of primary-school-age children the chance to go to school for the very first time in their lives. We train local
teachers, empower students and parents, provide health and sanitation support and partner with regional and national governments to make sure children can go to school and learn.

We provide ongoing support until every school is self-sustaining and we are confident in the local authority’s ability to maintain it - meaning that each school will continue to provide a life-changing
education for generations to come.

Our low-cost, sustainable model of education transforms lives forever - and thanks to the UK government, you can make double the difference by donating before 29th July 2021!