Every child deserves the chance to go to school. However, many children from ethnic-minority groups and isolated communities are never given this opportunity. Far-removed from the nearest government schools and often unable to communicate in their national language, they face a life of relentless poverty. Without education, families are unable to build a better life for their children and are instead forced to survive through traditional farming, remaining trapped in a cycle of illiteracy. 

These communities need help now. With deforestation and commercial farming increasingly threatening their traditional livelihoods, education is their only hope for a better life. 

By investing in educating children, you are creating a pathway to permanent and powerful change. Your support will empower children to build a better life for themselves and their communities. Your support will transform their lives. 

£85 could educate a child for one year

£2,100 could educate a classroom of children for one year

£8,500 could educate an entire school for one year 

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What is the impact?

The results of investing in education are exponential. By investing in a child’s education you are providing everything needed for that child to access a quality education. These tools are they key to breaking the cycle of illiteracy in a single generation. 

When a whole community is given this opportunity, they are empowered to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. The skills they gain from education open up new pathways, from secondary education to improved job opportunities.

“I visited the community of Pa Yang in Cambodia when our team were preparing to build a school there for the first time. I met the chief of the community. He told me he was worried about the future of his children. His grandparents and their parents always owned land and have made a living from that. Now foreigners are buying the land across Cambodia and developing much larger plantations. His children no longer have the security of land for their future. Education is their only hope.

Olivia Zane, Associate Director of Partnerships

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