Once a UWS school is open, we continue to support students and teachers with resources, training and  development. This ensures the continued success of our students, allowing us to provide ongoing free education.



per year provides all the educational materials, books, stationery, teacher development, community support, school management, monitoring and evaluation for a UWS School. This is vital to ensure our schools run effectively and students receive a free quality education.







of your donation goes towards sustaining the school, providing a year’s education for up to 200 children. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value for money, making sure every donation has a lasting impact.




Benefits of supporting a school for a year


All sponsors receive quarterly updates from their project, as well as updates on the organisation, and invitations to key events. By supporting a school for a whole year, you are enabling the continued success of 200 students. If you choose to support a school over several years, your support could transform the future of hundreds of children.


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