Could you give an entire community the chance to go to school for the first time? 

Your investment will change the lives of children, their families, their teachers and their whole communities. Sponsoring a school includes: 

  • Teachers recruited from local communities and trained to deliver quality education in a language our students can understand
  • Education Officers who train and mentor teachers to ensure our students receive an education that will set them up for success. 
  • Classroom essentials such as desks, chairs, whiteboards and all the stationary children need to learn. 
  • Libraries bursting with books to nurture a love of literature. 
  • Clean water and health lessons to ensure students can thrive. 

Teacher icon.What could your donation do?

£7,500 gives 100 children the opportunity to go to school for a year, breaking the cycle of illiteracy for a whole community. 

£35,000 builds a brand new school in Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal, which will remain the community for generations to come. 

£50,000 could build a brand new school and cover all the school development costs for three years. 

Bringing you closer to communities

Whether you want to support our work globally or focus on a specific area, you’ll always be kept up-to-date on the chance you are making by a dedicated member of our philanthropy team. 

You will also be invited to exclusive events and have the opportunity to visit our projects and meet our team. 

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Meet the Roy Community, Cambodia

“There has been a huge transformation in the Roy village since this school was established. Now, the students are more thoughtful and they have their parents’ support to stay in school more than previous generations. I’ve noticed that my Grade 6 children (11-12 year olds) are less likely to drop out of school to get married than they were before.”

Mr. Chom Nop, Headteacher, Roy School. 

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