Could you give an entire community the chance to go to school for the first time? 

Your investment will change the lives of children, their families, their teachers and their whole community forever.

Your gift will support:

  • The construction of a new UWS School in the heart of a remote community
  • The recruitment of teachers from local communities and training to deliver quality education in a language our students can understand
  • The resourcing of each school with essentials such as desks, chairs, whiteboards and all the stationery children need to learn. 
  • A school library, bursting with books to nurture a love of literature. 
  • The provision of clean water and health lessons to ensure students can thrive.
  • Education Officers who train and mentor teachers to ensure our students receive an education that will set them up for success. 

Teacher icon.What could your donation do?

£35,000 builds a brand new school in Cambodia, Myanmar or Nepal, which will remain the community for generations to come. 

£50,000 could build a brand new school and cover all the school development costs for three years. 

Bringing you closer to your impact

Investing in a UWS school will bring you closer to the specific aspect of our work which most interests you. You’ll be kept up-to-date on the impact you are making by a dedicated member of our philanthropy team, receive regular updates and access to exclusive events.

Most of all, you'll see the amazing impact your gift is making to the lives of children, and their families, living in some of the world's most remote communities.

Please get in touch with our dedicated team, at [email protected] to discuss which opportunities interest you. 

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Meet the Jongra Community, Cambodia

We believe in the meaningful empowerment of communities to not just participate in our programmes, but to assume leadership in them.

Each philanthropic gift we receive supports sustainable, community-led education projects.

In 2014, thanks to two wonderful philanthropists, we were able to give the children of Jongra Community, Cambodia, the opportunity to go to school for the very first time. 

Through our community-led approach, we worked with the Jongra Community and the Government to build a school and then develop, through capacity building programmes, an education provision that met the whole community’s needs. Then, when we were confident in the local community and government’s ability to maintain the school and provide a quality education, we left.   

In 2020, UWS Jongra School officially transitioned into community and government ownership, sitting within the national education system. 

Our school transition model addresses both the issue of dependency on international aid, and the aim to empower, by integrating schools into the national sector with a locally-led, government funded approach. In this way, we secure the sustainability of Jongra school for future generations to come.

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