Sponsoring a new UWS school is a direct and highly-effective way of helping children in remote and marginalised communities reap the benefits of a primary education.


Through sponsoring the construction and resourcing of a UWS School, you will be directly transforming the lives of generations of children who might otherwise never see the inside of a classroom. 100% of your donation goes towards the building, resourcing and development of your school.


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It costs $30,000 to build, resource and open a UWS school for up to 200 children
$24,000is spent on building – this provides locally sourced materials and labour to build the school building, solar panels, a lighting system, a teacher office and a community well.
$2,000is spent on resourcing – this includes desks, benches, educational materials, reading and work books, blackboards and basic sports equipment.
$4,000is spent on people – this covers initial teacher recruitment and training, community liaison, school administration and project management and evaluation.

Benefits of sponsoring a new UWS school 



All school sponsors are invited to attend an annual Donor Visit to see their school in action and meet the children they are supporting. You will also receive regular photographs from your school, and invitations to UWS events.


“It takes just minutes to see in the children’s faces how their lives are being transformed by having access to a school – it is inspirational.”


Nick Butcher, UWS School Sponsor

      Get in touch with our team to find out more 

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