Rupal Shah has been an English teacher for over ten years. Starting her career in Dagenham, Essex she swapped the rain for sunnier climes in Dubai. She is currently Charities Coordinator at Dubai College, a partner school with UWS Jaisithok, working 

with a team of students, teachers and parents to promote philanthropic causes at a local and international level. 

Rupal’s first journey with UWS was as an intern, and seeing the special relationship that the charity builds with schools, she championed the UWS cause in Dubai as a school associate.

She visited numerous UWS schools with the in-country team in the Sankhwasabha region of Nepal, experiencing the immense value of education in such remote locations. She also returned to Nepal to celebrate the inauguration of the foundation building with the Jaisithok community in Gulmi. A year later, Dubai College students delivered English and basic first aid lessons at the school, whilst also learning more about rural Nepali life.  

Rupal’s passion for working with UWS comes from cultivating a personal relationship with partner schools and experiencing first-hand the importance of that impact on the community. She wishes to promote further trips so that students and teachers, in both Nepal and Dubai, can benefit from this skill and cultural exchange. Out of hours, you will find Rupal planning her next adventure abroad, arranging flowers and/or scuba diving.