Patrick Eai HsuPatrick is motivated and passionate about providing education for marginalised children. He was born in a remote area and he knows very well how difficult it is for a child to access quality education. He liked reading, history and social studies in school. Upon graduating in 2011, Patrick joined a private Teacher Training College from 2012 to 2014. Since then, he worked as a teacher, boarding master and manager in different boarding houses and orphanages.

He has experience of working for different kinds of children especially children from marginalised family backgrounds. He is skilled in teaching, lesson planning, assessing student progress and learning and curriculum development. 

Patrick joined UWS Myanmar in 2018 as an Education Officer. He worked very actively and was promoted to a Senior Education Officer in 2020, where he worked closely with UWS global education team and gave technical support for the education team in Myanmar. In June 2022, he was promoted as Education Coordinator and now leads the education team in Myanmar.