We have a high-impact, low-cost model for building schools and providing education in remote and marginalised communities. To date, we have worked with more than 161 communities across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal to give children free, safe and effective schooling. By 2020, we aim to have reached 50,000 children with education.


How we teach the unreached


Working Together


Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. We collaborate with communities, governments and partners to deliver free education that is effective and sustainable.



Working with Communities

We only work where the community wants a school and is willing to be actively involved in its development. From the outset, communities offer support through regular meetings, construction labour and land for the school site. We then develop a local governing body of community leaders, and train a few community members to work alongside government teachers in every school.

Involving the community throughout the process ensures their continued engagement and the the long-term success of each school. As passionate advocates of girls' education, we ask communities to commit to sending all their children to school, including girls.


You can read more about our work with communities in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal.



Working with Government

We have agreements in place with regional and national governments who support our schools by providing teaching staff at no cost to UWS. Government teachers work alongside our local teachers to ensure the education provided meets national curriculum requirements.

We also collaborate with government to identify areas where there are large numbers of out-of-school children.



Working with Partners around the world

Through our partnership model, each UWS school is twinned with another school or organisation around the world, which funds the ongoing running costs once the school has been built. This allows us to ensure the long-term sustainability of every project. 

Find out more about our partner schools and corporate partners.




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