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Remember to let your friends and family who aren’t on social media know about your fundraising too - drop them an email or pick up the phone to share the good news.

We’re here to help you have fun whilst raising much-needed funds to give children a life-changing education. If you have any questions please contact:

Sarah Button-Stephens

[email protected]

Set up your fundraising page

Meet Jessica 

Jessica raised an incredible £1,135.07 by shaving her head for United World Schools. 

“I decided to shave my head for United World Schools because it helps in the battle for kids. I believe that access to education for all children is a human right, the biggest promise for peace and strongest hope for a sustainable future.

I have always had access to an education, but it took me a while to fully appreciate it. As I entered the world I realised how nurturing a place I had come from and how brilliant my teachers had been. 

Education is fought for by NGOs and charities all over the world. UWS is one of my favourites because of how thorough it is in ensuring education."


"I supported United World Schools with my head shave and will continue to support it in any way possible. I hope that others do the same, and help to use education as a force to achieve peace and a sustainable future.”

Set up your fundraising page

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