At United World Schools, our primary focus is always the well-being of our students, and teachers, and our wider school communities. Like many non-profit-organisations, we are concerned about the recent events in Myanmar. These concerns include both shorter and longer-term impacts on the safety, rights and well-being of all people in Myanmar - particularly those already experiencing vulnerability and marginalization. We hope all relevant parties inside Myanmar, and internationally, contribute to a swift and peaceful resolution to the crisis, and to resolving the uncertainty that the Myanmar people face.

During this uncertain time:
  • Our 76 schools and learning sites, in common with all schools in Myanmar, remain temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 
  • We are continuing, where it is safe and practical to do so, our distance learning programmes in all of the communities we serve.
  • Our UWS Myanmar Team will continue to support our schools, teachers and school communities, with regular updates and training programmes. 
  • Our team will prepare our school buildings so they can re-open at a safe and appropriate time - hopefully in the near future.
  • We will complete the new school development projects that we have recently commenced, and prepare these community schools to also open at a safe and appropriate time in the future.
  • We are pausing future school development projects in Myanmar, until the long-term situation is clearer. 
We want to reiterate our appreciation to all our supporters for the concern and care they've shown for our colleagues and the communities we serve in Myanmar during these challenging times. The donations we receive, the ongoing support and generosity will allow us to stand by our schools, students and teachers in Myanmar for the long term. As an organisation, we are optimistic that we will find a way through these challenges, and be able to give thousands more children the opportunity to go to school in Myanmar.