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Our CEO, Tim Howarth, recently joined Alberto Lidji to discuss how United World schools began, why we work where we do, and the recent announcement that we are a 2019 WISE Award winner

In the podcast, Tim delves deep into the challenges of operating as UK-based NGO working in South Asia, sharing the confidence he holds in our in-country teams and the inputs of local communities. Tim discusses our partnerships with each of the governments with whom we work and our plan to gradually transition our schools to local control. 

"The UWS model is an empowerment model... We have local community members helping problem-solve, with local knowledge and with flexibility."

Tim also talks about how communities have fed into our work as we have scaled up in the past ten years. For example, one community told us early on that their children were in school, but not engaging with their lessons as much as they could be. They said that without any books at home, children were simply not used to learning in this way. It was then up to us - how could we inspire a love of literacy? Our solution: a very simple library in the school, from which children could borrow books to read at break time and take home. This was transformational and since then every one of our schools has had a library or reading corner. 

Tim's key take away? Be absolutely focused on delivering the mission – use it as a North Star!

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