The latest UNESCO report – published in New York in September last year – on education globally makes tough reading. Today, there are an estimated 64 million out-of-school primary aged children. The out-of-school rate rises to 1 in 3 in countries affected by conflict or disaster. 

The potential life pathways of illiterate children and young adults are, to be blunt, not great. We can dwell on this ... or ... (and this inspires me every single day) ... we can get people together who can do something about it, and celebrate people who are doing things about it.

Our supporters' ongoing commitment transforms lives. By attending school, a child's lifetime earning potential increases.
 They are more likely to vote in an election. They are less likely to be targeted by child traffickers or exploited for cheap, manual labour.

United World Schools have reached a major milestone of 25,000 enrolments since 2009. To every person who has helped the cause, thank you! Seriously, well done folks. Huge team effort. Thank you.

This means that - together - we have now given the opportunity to over 25,000 previously out-of-school children in remote regions of Nepal, Cambodia and Myanmar to learn to read, write and count. Our combined talents, commitment, passion, networks, skills and generosity ... we make UWS happen. We are United World Schools. And together we're transforming lives.

We're not done yet (far from it). With line of sight on UWS' next 25,000 enrolments, we're committed to doing everything we can to develop more schools this year and in the future.

Thank you for all of your support.

Tim Howarth, Chief Executive Officer, United World Shools

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