We're looking to the future and we want you with us.

United World Schools is all about transforming futures, beginning with education. By bringing our communities in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal together with students and sponsors from all around the world, we hope to teach the true value of understanding and collaboration. We believe this is the first step towards achieving a Global Citizenship.

30th July is the United Nations’ International Day of Friendship, a day for celebrating the importance of friendship as a sentiment in the lives of human beings around the world. The core values of friendship – understanding, compassion, mutual respect – are vital to a future of less division, less conflict and less poverty.  

We know that the future is unlikely to change when young people are growing up all over the world without access to education. At UWS, we are not just educating some of the world’s poorest children, we are educating future global citizens, and as such, hold ourselves responsible for upholding the core values of friendship in everything we do.

This is why we would love you to become involved in our Global Citizenship Award Scheme. A global citizen is someone who cares about the world they live in and works with others to make a positive impact on their planet. Our award scheme helps young people develop a global conscience and learn how to assess their work and record their progress. We are currently expanding our scheme to provide access to improved resources and opportunities - watch this space for exciting developments to come!

Collaboration can cross borders. Let's make sure it starts in the classroom. 

Download our Global Citizenship Award Pack for yourself or your school