The resources aim to provide our partners and global teams with the tools to share our work and further our mission. Please seek permission before using our logo and brand assets.  

Questions? Contact [email protected] or call our London office on +44 (0)20 3735 9181. 

Brand guidelines


Stock images
Please read our child protection policy and seek express permission from UWS before using photographs of children externally. 

Business cards
Available on request

Presentation folder

UWS Presentation Folder PDF (27th February 2020) - with bleed

UWS Presentation Folder InDesign (15th March 2020) - UK drive access required 

Suggested printer (with 3mm spine)

Double sided flyer (A5)

Double sided flyer PDF (15th March 2020) - with bleed

Double sided flyer InDesign (15th March 2020) - UK drive access required

Suggested printer