Maung Maung WinMaung Maung Win is the Communications Manager of United World Schools in Myanmar. He leads the communication and IT components in the country office. He leads the UWS Myanmar office social media platforms and stakeholders engagements for achieving sustainable support from the donors. He communicates with other educational related key players in Myanmar for future cooperation and coordination.   

Previously, Win served as a Communications and Government Liaison Officer at the Luxembourg Agency for Development Cooperation in Myanmar. Before that, he worked at the World Bank Group and Republic of Korea Embassy in Myanmar as Coordinator and Public Relations Officer. Before joining the nonprofit sector, he studied in Singapore for his undergraduate studies and worked in the United Arab Emirates for two years. He has more than 15 years working experience as Communication and administrative professional in the International Non-Governmental Organizations, International Development Organizations and Embassies.

Win attained Master in International Human Resources Management from Valencia International University (Spain) and Rome Business School (Italy).  He is a MBA degree holder. Most recently, he graduated as Doctorate of Business Administration from European International University (France)

Win is an energetic and positive thinker with a flexible personality. He is very passionate about working in the nonprofit sector for supporting the poor and isolated people living in his country.