Thanks to our incredible supporters, we have enabled over 25,000 children to access education. These children now have:

For our students, learning to count, read and write in the national language opens the door to a whole world of opportunity. Many of our students move onto secondary education, or enter vocations that were previously out of reach.

Schooling can also reduce children's vulnerability to trafficking, exploitation and forced labour. For girls, education means empowerment, and even reduced rates of child marriage and early motherhood. We are passionate about girls' education and the long-term impact it can have on communities. 

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A UWS school benefits more than just our students. We support entire communities by: 

  • We work in full partnership with communities, involving them in school construction, governance and teaching. By training and employing local teachers, we create economic opportunities for adults, notably women. This serves the added benefit of preserving local languages and customs.
  • By providing clean water and latrines on the school site, as well as health and sanitation education, we improve general wellbeing.
  • Our UWS team regularly holds meetings with village leaders and parents to make sure they are happy with the school.


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