When Chris Howarth volunteered in Cambodia in 2008, he met the remote community of Korng Nork.

They faced a life of extreme poverty and isolation. They lived far away from the nearest government schools and only spoke a unique indigenous language, meaning they could not access or communicate with their wider society. This had left the community illiterate, relying on traditional farming to survive. Facing growing commercial farming and increasing deforestation, the community were worried for their future. They desperately wanted to provide their children with an education so they could begin to build a better life and break out of poverty. 

Chris began working with the community to develop a school in the heart of their village.

He helped them train teachers from the local area who could speak the same language as the children. After the school had opened, a UK secondary school began fundraising to support the community. This money ensured that the school would remain open year after year to serve all future generations. 

When we opened this first primary school in the community of Korng Nork in 2008, we simply intended to give the children of one remote village the opportunity to learn to read, write and count for the first time. We never imagined that this idea of building a basic school and training local teachers would grow into what it has today. However as neighbouring villages began to ask for our support, we knew we had to help and United World Schools was born. 

Since then, United World Schools has been on a mission to teach the unreached.

And thanks to our supporters, that’s exactly what we have been doing. Today we have over 200 schools across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal which have reached over 30,000 children. And all of this has been done at an incredibly low cost. We can educate a child for £1.83 a week - that’s less than the price of your morning cup of coffee.  

However we are just getting started. There are many other communities like Korng Nork. Living in isolation and extreme poverty, without an education, they have few options for the future. They need our help. We cannot reach them without you. We have a number of communities in urgent need of education, but we simply do not have enough funding to help them all. By supporting us personally or through your business, we can reach more children and transform lives together. 

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