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A deadly new Covid-19 variant is sweeping across Asia, causing major disruption to education. We’re responding rapidly to help children live Happily Ever Smarter by supporting health services, providing food and essentials, keeping education alive through remote learning and reaching new communities with primary education for the very first time.

Donate to protect lives and futures - help children live #HappilyEverSmarter before 29th July 2021 and the UK government will double your donation!

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  • Education in Crisis

    Globally, one in every six children are missing out on the opportunity to go to school. This education crisis is being exacerbated by a deadly new variant of Covid-19, especially in the marginalised areas across Asia where we work:

    Covid Nepal

    • Thousands of new Covid-19 cases are now being registered every day in Nepal and Myanmar.
    • Covid-19 cases are at an all-time high in Myanmar, with reports of oxygen shortages and hospitals overwhelmed.
    • In remote areas where we work, access to even the most basic life-saving equipment is hard to reach 
    • In Nepal, less than a third of the population completes primary education and over 40% of girls are married before their 18th birthday. 

    By providing critical support at this time, UWS aims to keep children in education in the long-term, stop children being exploited for child labour and girls being forced into early marriage.

    Help children in crisis 

    Distance learningThe pandemic is not only putting lives at risk, but futures too.

    Right now, in response to this deadly Covid-19 variant, each UWS school in Nepal is providing a lifeline to hundreds of people. We are:

    - transforming schools into Covid Isolation Centres
    - providing hand-washing facilities to communities through our schools
    - working with partners to provide PPE and healthcare essentials 
    - training teachers in emergency Covid response
    - raising awareness of Covid-19 and ways to stop the spread in remote areas
    - supporting hundreds of at-risk girls and their families with food and essentials to protect against child marriage and exploitation
    - keeping education alive through remote learning 

    To keep children learning when schools are closed across Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia, we have implemented remote learning using distance learning, 
    radio lessons and take-away education packs for over 42,000 children.

    Chimini's Story, narrated by Jenna Coleman

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    Happily Ever Smarter

    Happily Ever Smarter

    As well as focusing on the immediate needs of the communities we already support at this difficult time, we are also working to reach new unreached communities with education for the very first time. 

    In the long term, through building schools and investing in local communities, we will give thousands more primary-school-age children the chance to go to school for the first time in their lives. We will train local teachers, empower students and parents and partner with regional and national governments to make sure children can go to school and learn. 

    We will provide ongoing support until every school is self-sustaining, empowering the local government and community to maintain the school for years to come.  Each school will continue to provide a life-changing education for future generations.

    Education helps children live Happily Ever Smarter; it breaks the cycle of poverty, empowers entire communities and gives children the opportunity to create their own brighter and more secure futures. 

    It has never been more crucial to support children in marginalised communities and help them live Happily Ever Smarter - and thanks to the UK government, you can make double the difference by donating before 29th July 2021!

    Just £10 could provide a child from a remote area of Nepal with a radio to keep them learning through radio lessons… and doubled, we could give a radio to a second child!

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  • How will my donations be used?

    Donate to help children live #HappilyEverSmarter before 29th July 2021 and the UK government will double your donations! For every £1 you give to United World Schools, the UK government will match your donation by giving an additional £1. All your donations will help thousands of children across Asia in remote communities to access education, healthcare and essentials through the pandemic. Match funding from the UK government will be used to fund education in the highlighted regions of Nepal Read more

  • Turning dreams into reality

    United World Schools has transformed hundreds of communities and reached 43,000 children in Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia with a life-changing education - and with your support, we can help even more children across Asia live Happily Ever Smarter.
    10-year-old Heena from rural Nepal told us, “I wonder what it feels like to be in a classroom wearing a school uniform. If I could get an education, I would study to be a teacher when I grow up.” Your support has never been more crucial. Read more

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