Global Citizenship is key to protecting our world for future generations.

It can feel really daunting to scroll through social media or the news and see illiteracy, inequality and poverty still affecting millions around the world. However, at United World Schools, we wholeheartedly believe that young people are the key to protecting our world for future generations.

Global Citizenship education can inspire students to get involved in being the change they wish to see in the world. Recognising that, we’ve put together primary school resources and secondary school resources to support young people in becoming active global citizens. 

We hope that teachers will find UWS' resources useful for their students in bringing global issues to life. UWS encourages young people to be leaders and changemakers, both now and in the future!


Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) educational Resources

UWS is also able to offer a lesson plan centred around the importance of child protection. It is aimed at primary school children, but it can be adapted by teachers for their students. Click the image to download.

Child Protection Lesson Plan

School Fundraising

UWS is immensely grateful for schools' fundraising. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, enables UWS' vital work in reaching vulnerable and marginalised children in some of the world's most remote locations with a quality inclusive education. We’ve put together a kit to help you get started!

Students may wish to start off with fundraising through the #180Challenge - find out how we’re pulling a 180 on the education crisis and how you can get involved!

Do tag us on social media, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so that we can learn about all of the brilliant work you are doing!

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