Global citizenship is key to protecting our world for future generations.

A Global Citizen

It can feel really daunting to switch the news on and see illiteracy, inequality and poverty still affecting millions around the world. 

However at United World Schools we wholeheartedly believe that young people are the key to protecting our world for future generations. Global Citizenship gets students inspired and involved in being the change they wish to see in the world. Recognising that, we’ve put together lessons and activities to support young people unlock their potential to become active global citizens. 

We want to encourage young people to think about their values, challenge themselves and become future leaders and changemakers. We hope that as a teacher, you will find our lessons and resources helpful in bringing issues to life and encourage students to become active global citizens!

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Our Free Global Citizenship Resources

We've created lesson plans around a number of topics which are key to empowering students and helping them become global citizens. Our most recent lesson plan is all about the importance of child protection for primary school aged children, which you can download for free by clicking the image below.

Child Protection Lesson Plan

In addition to our free lesson plans, we’re also sharing the stories of our UWS students and their incredible journey to an education so you can share with your school community!


We’d love if these resources empower your students to set themselves up for a challenge and get fundraising to transform thousands of lives, we’ve also put together a fundraising pack to get them started, don’t forget to tag us on social media (socials handles)! We also hope that students take part in the #180Challenge - find out how we’re pulling a 180 on the education crisis and how you can get involved!

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We’re always going to think our global citizenship scheme is pretty amazing, so why not hear from one of our students, Anita, who is currently enrolled in our Student Ambassador Scheme.

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