Donate to help a girl live Happily Ever Smarter before 29th July 2021 and the UK government will double your donations up to £2 million, so that we can help even more girls across Asia get a life-changing education!

Support girls’ education today. Just £10 could educate a girl for an entire month...and doubled, we could educate two girls!

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Girls’ Education


Girls all over the world are taught to prepare themselves for marriage from a young age; for their future security, their future children, their future ‘happily ever after’. Girls are taught to find someone, and boys are taught to be someone.

As a new variant sweeps across Asia, girls' education has never been more crucial - or more endangered. It is estimated that Covid-19 has put 2.5 million more girls at risk of underage marriage, causing the greatest surge in child marriage in 25 years.

We believe that girls should have the same education and opportunities as boys. We’re championing female education and empowering girls to live Happily Ever Smarter so that they can choose whoever they want to be, and whatever future they want to create for themselves. 

Preeti studyingPreeti is the first girl in her family to go to school. For centuries, it’s been difficult for girls in her remote village in the hills of Nepal to access an education. But Preeti’s Aunt Bhim is determined that her niece should have the opportunities she never had. “When I was young, I wanted to go to school, but I never went because my father asked me not to go - he needed me to stay home and work. So I never went to school.”

Like thousands of girls who we support through our women’s education charity, Preeti now has the opportunities she deserves. Preeti attends UWS Helawubesi School, saying: “I like the school environment and enjoy studying. I feel glad when our teachers let us play – I love to skip. My favourite subject is Nepali. When I grow up, I want to become a doctor.”

In Nepal, 40% of girls are married before they turn 18 (Nepal Demographic and Health Survey), and this figure is likely to be much higher in remote and marginalised villages like the one Preeti’s family come from. As schools are currently closed across many countries across Asia due to Covid-19, thousands of girls like Preeti are more at risk of dropping out of education than ever before.

We’re keeping education alive for 43,000 children across Nepal, Cambodia and Myanmar through innovative distance learning such as radio lessons and take-away education packs. We’re also supporting hundreds of at-risk girls and their families in Nepal with food and essentials to protect against child marriage and exploitation. 

Watch Preeti's Story, narrated by Actor Nina Wadia

Through female education, we can change the story for thousands of girls like Preeti. United World Schools has transformed hundreds of communities and reached 43,000 children in Nepal, Myanmar and Cambodia with a life-changing education - and with your support, we can help even more children across Asia live Happily Ever Smarter. 

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How UWS Champions Female Education

Girl Education

Map of NepalWe champion girls’ education, only building schools where communities are committed to sending both girls and boys to school and giving them the same opportunities. We train local teachers, empower students and parents and partner with regional and national governments to make sure that every child can go to school and learn. 

There’s never been a better time to support girls’ education… Donate to help girls live #HappilyEverSmarter before 29th July 2021 and the UK government will double your donations! That means that for every £1 you give to United World Schools, the UK government will match your donation by giving an additional £1. 

All your donations will help thousands of girls from remote communities across Asia to access a life-changing education, and match funding from the UK government will be used to fund education in the highlighted regions of Nepal to help girls like Preeti get the education they deserve. 

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It is every girl’s basic human right to have access to a quality education and the chance to shape her own future. Women’s education is a vital and important tool which, over time, can uplift economies, improve health and even save lives. 

You can give a girl that chance… and the UK government will double your donation before 29th July 2021 to help a second girl! Support girls’ education today - just £10 could educate a girl like Preeti for an entire month...and doubled, we could educate two girls, giving them the chance to learn, grow and live Happily Ever Smarter. 

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