Gloria Kwan I was a student in one of the partnering schools, Li Po Chun United World College. I personally went to Cambodia for a week and the experience impacted me in ways that I continue to believe in. I want to give others the power to change a child's entire life and impact more to join the movement.
We often take the opportunity of education for granted, the opportunity that let us have access to jobs and money. This very same opportunity is taken away from thousands of children in many South East Asian countries, Cambodia, Myammar and Nepal, where they continue to battle against poverty in the same vicious cycle. You have the power to change that and give these children the same opportunity that you were given to.
I went to Cambodia with UWS two years in a row to conduct a one-week teaching programme, the smiles on the children's faces is the single memory that I can never forget. Their excitement for school made them come at least an hour early everyday. Their involvement and pure happiness is what I look forward to every morning. Knowing that I helped putting those smiles on their faces and that I have the ability to made me realise I can serve a greater purpose. So I want to invite you all to share this same precious experience and hopefully it changes the way it did to me<3 Gloria Kwan