After teaching children in Cambodia, I was exposed to the way in which the third world education system functions, although it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and the children were so grateful and appreciative of our work and time. I was still left heart broken coming away from there.

Some poverty stricken areas have no schools available for children to attend whatsoever. The ones that do, struggle with facilitating the learning in respect of equipment, uniforms and training teachers. On top of this the expectation is for a lot of children to stay at home and help with agricultural work.

It is so important that every child has access to education. To empower themselves, giving them a chance to gain higher paying jobs and benefit their local communities and economies.

This will not only have a ripple effect and bring change on a national level, but ensure the growth of the individual as a person and financially. Allowing them to live more comfortably and give their children the same chance as they did in life. Thus taking them one step further out of poverty!

This charity provides everything necessary, form the building of new schools, equipping them with workbooks and facilitating teachers training. They promote a safe environment for the most vulnerable and set out to re-educate children to try and prevent childhood pregnancies.

Right now, I understand how hard it can be financially for everyone. If you can see how bad it is here in the UK where we at least have some sort of stability and health care system in place, you can imagine what families are going through in areas like these. What the aftermath will look like.

This Charity is ensuring their priority is to support communities to access clean water and soap, educate them on the virus and health and the safety aspect, and still provide children with resources for learning at home.

If everyone donated even just £1, half the cost of a coffee, it's still something!

£10 educates a child at home for 4 weeks
£40 sponsors the salary and virus awareness training of a community teacher for 2 weeks
£100 provides books for a whole community
£300 covers the cost of hygiene promotion activities for a community of 500 people

Thank you so much for your time on this matter.

Antonia Vance