We feel sympathy for the unfortunate children in 3rd world countries that don't have the ability to reach education. We are students that have such grateful opportunities to receive education and we are able to face this global issue by discussing and investigating this problem. Children that don't gain an education should not be hindered in their future life and therefore, we want to help such children by fundraising money in order for them to get the same opportunities.

We are currently high school students at the Berlin Brandenburg International School and we want to make a change. We recently heard a representative of your organization about your work towards improving education in these areas. We were moved by the terrible conditions these children face every day and this has motivated us to take action in helping out. We have similar aims towards United World Schools and want to advocate this issue by spreading awareness and fundraising money. Our aim for the end of this school year is to create an advocacy group that will take part in three main projects
- A four-hour walk in memory to the children that face this problem every day
- A flee market donating children's books, comics, magazines, picture books, and stationary/school supplies
- Bake sales to fundraise money
We look forward to working with this organization and hope to achieve big goals

Valentin Fenk