Stephen and Vicky are hosting summer drinks to fund a new classroom for UWS Khe Krom School.

Due to high demand, many UWS schools are now full-to-bursting with students who are eager to learn. One of these schools is UWS Khe Krom School in Cambodia, which opened in 2015. Three years later, the school has become so popular that several lessons are taught in each room simultaneously.

Building a new classroom will provide the students of UWS Khe Krom School with the learning space that they need to reach their potential. 

It costs £3,750 ($4,500) to build and equip a brand new classroom. By donating towards this, you are supporting the continued success of current UWS students, and giving future students the opportunity to enrol. Thank you for your support. 

Students in a current classroom at UWS Khe Krom School

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Helen Packer