Your fundraising can transform lives.

Whether it’s raising £10 or £10,000, organising a cake sale or running a marathon – we know everyone has different demands on their time and energy and we are grateful for any fundraising you do.

There are always plenty of exciting opportunities to get involved. View our other current fundraising events or set up your own fundraising page to get started! Alternatively, get in touch with our team.

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Find out how you can celebrate with UWS.

Stuck for ideas?  

There’s much more to fundraising than just rattling a bucket. There’s no limit to the imaginative ways in which you can help us raise money. 

We hope you will be inspired by some of our fundraising ideas below.

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Starting from home?


  • Sell it off! – Give your unwanted clothes, books, DVDs or furniture to a loving new home. Set up a car boot or jumble sale and create some space whilst raising funds at the same time.

  • Come dine with me – Show off your culinary skills and host a dinner party for friends and family. Ask them to donate what they feel your night is worth.

  • Give it up – Test yourself by giving up something, be it chocolate, smoking or even talking. Ask for sponsorship or donate the amount you would have spent on these items otherwise.

  • Feeling quizzical? – Host a quiz night at a local venue or in your front room. Quizzes are available online and can be tailored to your needs. Why not sell refreshments to fuel your brains and donation boxes further?


Working 9-5?


  • Sweepstake – Create your own in the office, from Wimbledon to the Bake Off final.

  • Office Olympics – Stretch yourselves with chair racing, pencil javelin and tape-measure limbo. Add a prize for extra competition and charge a fee for entrance.

  • Dress up day – Hold a jeans, pyjamas or other themed clothing day every month. Charge a pound for a regular and simple fundraising event.

  • Eco-fines – Who left the light on? Charge colleagues for every breach of the Eco Laws: leaving on heaters/lights, unnecessary printing, mistaken recycling…create your own rules to be broken.

  • Team sporting challenge – For those looking for something more challenging, why not set yourself a sponsored team activity such as a group cycle ride, marathon, abseil or walk. If finding the time outside of work is a problem, set up a treadmill or bike in the office and see how far you can get.


Community spirit


  • Village fête – cake sales, raffles, apple dunking and sports races. These are a fun and versatile way to get everyone involved.

  • Help a neighbour – Help out with lawn-mowing, dog walking and odd jobs around your neighbourhood, and ask for donations in return.

  • Film night – ask a local venue such as a pub or school and set up your own cinema. Combine it with selling popcorn and raffle tickets to maximise on your red carpet attendees.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Remember to spread the word, keep your supporters updated, and importantly – say thank you. Happy fundraising!


set up your fundraising page