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As well as many of the well known races we also have places available in hundreds of local runs. Wherever you live, you can run as part of Team United World Schools!

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Through Run for Charity, we have places in hundreds of events across the UK. Click on your region below to find races happening in your area and the cost for a place. If you want to take part, click ‘register’ next to the event you’ve chosen on the Run for Charity website and complete the form. A member of our team will then get in touch with help and support all the way through to the finish line.
Simply select your region below, choose an event, and click ‘Register’ to take part. There’s no minimum fundraising target, just raise what you can. A fun challenge for you, and life-changing for animals everywhere — what’s stopping you?







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Why run for United World Schools

Education transforms lives. But for children from the most remote and marginalised communities, it is simply out of reach. 

At United World Schools, we build schools, train teachers and provide a quality, inclusive education to over 43,000 children in Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar and Madagascar. 

Education transforms livesI used to dream of going to school and now I can! I learn a lot of new and interesting things everyday. My favorite subject is Maths and I feel great when I’m able to help my friends with their studies too." - Kanchi, 10, Nepal

Run the event and give children like Kanchi the opportunity to get the education they deserve which could transform their futures for the better. Just £10 could educate a child for an entire month.

Our brilliant team will support you with your training and fundraising every step of the way; we're a small but dedicated team who truly appreciate your efforts. 

Register your interest and help us ensure that every child in remote area's of the world have access to a quality, inclusive education.