Amelie von Borries and Götz von Borries have been supporting UWS through their independent organisation, ConCultures, since 2013. Believing that the best way to fight poverty is to teach people to understand and connect with each other across borders, ConCultures are striving alongside UWS to achieve a global citizenship with education at its core. 

As UWS ambassadors in Germany, ConCultures are responsible for securing partner schools alongside other corporate and individual donors. They themselves have led five volunteer groups in Cambodia, who have gone on to support the schools they visit. Following their visit to Roy village in 2014, ConCultures sponsored the installation of solar panels for the school, the construction of teacher accommodation and staff in the Ratanakiri region. 

ConCultures’ support continues to help UWS transform lives across the globe and inspire others to work towards a better future.