Our remote communities in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal are at most risk of the potentially devastating effects of climate change, affecting their livelihoods and the education of young people. Our vital work in education is supporting communities to prepare for climate related disasters to ensure as many children as possible can attend school.

The event was hosted by Tania Bryer, executive producer of the critically acclaimed series CNBC Meets. We had an expert panel of business and sustainability leaders. Our panellists included...

Surya Karki - UWS Nepal Country Director

Paul PolmanCo-founder and Chair of IMAGINE

Marisa DrewChief Sustainability Officer for Credit Suisse and the Global Head of the Sustainability Strategy, Advisory & Finance Group (SSAF)



The panellists engaged us with their interesting views on the the intersection of climate change and education, and what they mean for remote and rural communities. Within this, they explored the critical role that business and philanthropy can play in addressing these challenges.

Watch our highlights from the Climate Change and Education event below.

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