The Covid-19 pandemic will hit those living in the poorest regions the hardest. 

The communities we work with in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal are particularly vulnerable due to poor access to healthcare, lack of clean water and soap, and existing health problems.   

As countries close their borders, it is critical that we do not forget the people living in some of the world’s poorest regions. We are doing everything we can to support them, but we need your help to continue this work over the coming months. 

Our response is focused across three key areas: 

Water and handwashing

Over the coming weeks, our priority is to support communities to access safe water and soap, so they have all the tools they need to protect themselves and prevent the virus from spreading. 


As our schools close, we also need to make sure the learning doesn’t stop. We are providing learning resources that children can use at home, in their own languages. 

Awareness campaign

The communities we partner with are beyond the reach of government and other NGOs. We are a vital source of information for community leaders about coronavirus and how they can help limit the spread of the virus. 

How you can help 

Your support matters more than ever. Your donation will help us continue to support children and families living in the world's poorest regions.

  • £10 educates a child learning at home for 4 weeks during Covid-19 
  • £40 sponsors the salary and virus awareness training of a community teacher for a fortnight
  • £100 upgrades a school library, providing new books to an entire community
  • £300 covers the cost of hygiene promotion activities with a community of 500 people 

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