Map of Cambodia.

186,109 primary-age children out of school

The legacy of genocide lives on in Cambodia, with a generation of adults who have never attended school.

The rural, ethnic-minority communities we work with are out of reach of the national education system that does not cater to minority languages.

Others are simply out of reach of state infrastructure, often many hours' walk from the nearest educational and medical facilities.


Our work

  • 100+ community partnerships and local leadership committees
  • 13,000+ children enrolled in a UWS school
  • 500+ local and government teachers

Discover more about our life-changing work in Cambodia. Listen to our podcast with UWS Cambodia Country Director Sitha Nan as he shares his story of building our first ever school and growing our work in Cambodia to over 100 schools to date.

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A true partnership

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Seeing the success of other UWS schools in the region, leaders from the Takok Charai village in Northern Cambodia reached out to us. They expressed their deep wish for a school for their children.

As the community speaks an indigenous language, they have always been excluded from government education which is taught in the Cambodian national language, Khmer.

Since the school opened in 2010, the community has been committed to its success. Three members of the village have trained as teachers, allowing children to learn in their mother tongue. Students are also learning Khmer, opening a whole world of opportunity.

Parents and local leaders meet every three weeks to discuss the progress of the school and to overcome any problems preventing children from attending school. 

We are currently transitioning 14 schools like UWS Takok Charai into the national education system, meaning they will remain to benefit all future generations of the community.

Could you empower a community like Takok Charia to change their future?