With nearly 150 UWS schools open across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal, we are looking back at our first projects in each of these countries. How have these schools progressed since our very first students set foot in their classrooms?

UWS Korng Nork School, Cambodia

The first UWS school opened its doors in 2008 in Korng Nork village, Northern Cambodia. This community is from the Kavet tribe who only speak an indigenous language. Attending school was never an option for the children of this farming village. Not only was it a long and dangerous journey to reach the nearest government school, the teachers there would not speak a language the children could understand. 

When we built the school in Korng Nork village, we trained local teachers from the community, meaning the children could learn in their own dialect for the first time. Now, 150 students attend the school each day, and are taught the Cambodian national language by three local and two government teachers. We have already seen many of Korng Nork's students progress to government high schools through our dormitory programme, and we can't wait to see where they go next!

UWS Ballram School, Myanmar

In 2014, UWS expanded into Myanmar and opened our first school in the Shan State. The community of Ballram are from the Kayan tribe, another indigenous group who speak their own dialect. There are two government-funded teachers working in the school, and three members of the local community who we have trained and employed to deliver lessons in the local language. Today, more than 80 students attend the school, many of whom are girls.

Lessons prepare students for national exams in core subjects such as Maths, Science, English and Myanmar language, as well as introducing them to supplementary subjects like Art, Music and Sport. UWS Ballram School has gone from strength to strength over the years, and is now a well-established and respected feature of the community. Our students are becoming fluent in Myanmar language, and have big ambitions for where they will go next.

UWS Mude School, Nepal

UWS started working in Nepal in early 2015. In the wake of the devastating earthquake later that year, our work became more important than ever in helping to rebuild the country's education system. UWS Mude School opened in 2016 and, like all of our schools in Nepal, the building is earthquake-resistant.

Located high in the Himalayan Foothills, the large village of Mude is several hours' walk from even the most basic government services. Having never had access to a school previously, today 170 children attend lessons in the school where they are taught by 10 teachers. The diverse curriculum includes Maths, English, Nepali, Science, and Art, teaching them new skills that will help them transform the future of their community.