Meet Anita, age 11

Anita is from the community of Mude, a remote village in the foothills of the Himalayas. This community are far removed from the nearest government infrastructure, lacking access to basic facilities. Their lack of education meant they remained incredibly poor, and many girls in the community had little choice but to marry at a young age. They suffered further during the earthquake of 2015, with many of the buildings in their village damaged and destroyed.

During this time, UWS began working with this community, partnering with the local people to build a school in their heart of their village. Now, Anita is a 6th grade student at UWS Mude School. Anita is studying hard and is on track to successfully complete her primary schooling and enter secondary education. Anita’s life has been transformed. Through education, we are preparing a generation of children like Anita to change their country for the better. 

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