As part of World Environment Day UWS students across Cambodia, Myanmar, and Nepal took matters into their own hands to #BeatPlasticPollution. Here are their top tips for making a better, cleaner, safer environment that uses less plastic:

1. Spread the word

Every action we have has an impact upon our planet. Let people know why the environment is important, how plastic can impact on nature, and what they can do to take care of it. We can only help the planet if we do it together!

Students at UWS Helu Besi School, Nepal organise a march for World Environment Day

2. If you don't reuse, refuse

There are so many things you could do with your plastic bottle rather than just throw it away. Could it be a plant pot? A toothbrush holder? A hanging planter? Or could you use a reusable bottle instead?

Children learn about plants with upcycled plastic bottles at UWS Hway Hwe School in Myanmar

3. Waste less, recycle more

Plastic waste can be very harmful to people and animals. It can get into the diets of fish, damage the habitat of animals, and can become polluted with disease. By organising a litter pick and remembering to recycle, we can reduce the amount of waste that causes these problems.

UWS Chrung School students organise a litter pick in Cambodia

Pollution is threatening the traditional way of life for many children growing up in these remote regions. From fishing villages devastated by the impact of plastic on local marine life, to the hunting and farming communities pushed further into poverty as land is lost to deforestation and jungles are replaced with plantations. 

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