A balanced diet is vital to a student's ability to learn. Nutrition has a huge impact on mental capacity, performance and development in school-age children. We don't want to see any child denied their right to education due to ill-health or malnutrition.

Help us promote the need for a balanced diet in UWS schools!

Food for thought...

In developing countries, 500 million days of school are lost to ill-health every year.

Healthy, strong children are more likely to turn up to school each day, and are more alert and ready to learn when they do. What's more, educated children are more likely to become healthy, prosperous adults, whose own children are at less risk of ill-health and malnutrition.

We want this cycle to become a reality in our communities and are increasing the support we provide to make sure it does.

Breakfast with our early-years students 

Research shows that access to decent nutrition is most important in a child's early years. Malnutrition in children aged 0-5 can have a long-term effect on cognition which becomes most apparent in teenage years.

We aim to support early-years children in becoming 'school-ready', and nutrition is a big part of this. We provide breakfast at the start of each school day to give our children the best start possible to their academic career.

Teaching Nutrition in Schools

Our UWS schools have begun creating their own vegetable gardens, so that UWS students can grow their own crops and take them home to their families. This allows children to learn essential farming skills without taking time out of school.

In communities reliant on one particular crop, we aim to complement the diet by introducing new varieties of crop and nutrients to school-age children.

We teach the importance of a healthy, balanced diet in the classroom in order to boost student attendance and, in the long run, improve the overall wellbeing of our communities.


Want to get involved? We are always looking to improve the teaching resources and quality of education in our schools.

Help us promote a healthy lifestyle in UWS communities