One of the main barriers to education worldwide is the distance from home to school. For children across the globe, a journey of up to three hours to the nearest school is just too much. We want to reduce the distance children have to travel for an education. We build our schools within short walking distance of communities, so that every child can make the journey.

Help us give more children a safe walk to school

In the remote areas where we work, a student's walk to school can be the most dangerous part of their day. For remote villages in Nepal, this could mean negotiating some dangerous routes through the Himalayan foothills. Meanwhile, the close proximity of different ethnic groups in Shan State, Myanmar, might leave children wandering through areas with no knowledge of the local language. In the thick jungle of northern  Cambodia, children may have to cross rivers and navigate increasingly treacherous conditions during the monsoon season (pictured).

For many of the children we work with, these journeys are simply not worth the risk, particularly to reach a school where nobody speaks your local language.

What can we do?

When mountains and valleys stand between a child and the nearest school, is it any wonder parents choose to keep children at home? That's why we work with communities to put children in a local school and keep them there.

Distance is just one of the barriers our children face, but it is one that we are easily able to address. Our schools are built in the very heart of the community - we love it when our students can return home for lunch, or mothers can congregate outside at the end of the day!

For older students, we build dormitory blocks next to government high schools so they can continue their education without having to travel long distances during the week. For our female students in particular, this really can be the difference between continuing their studies or dropping out of school.

Read more about how our dormitory programme supports girls' education.

How you can help

It costs just £50 to send a child to school for a whole year. Every donation helps us in our goal to expand our existing schools, and to reach out to more remote communities that have no access to education.

Help us give children a safe walk to school