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A charity partnership with United World Schools is a way to positively impact the lives of thousands of out-of-school children as part of your CSR objectives.

Our tailor-made partnerships ensure that we maximise your staff, expertise and resources combined with our capabilities in country to ensure every child receives the education they deserve. Join us on our journey to transform the lives out-of-school children.

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What we offer

Your dedicated account manager will create a partnership plan to suit your organisation's needs. This partnership will deliver:

Increased employee engagement across your workforce 
  • Unite your workforce behind a shared cause through team fundraising
  • Receive regular reports on your school including photo and video
  • The chance for teams to use their talents in discreet volunteering projects or by donating in kind

Measurable impact on the lives of out-of-school children
  • Our programmes address education primarily, along with seven additional SDGs
  • Just one of our schools reaches up to 300 students and a wider community of up to 1000 in the first year, increasing to 600 students over the course of a decade
Long-term, sustainable change
  • We are experts in our field, with well-established teams in-country who deliver our programmes
  • We have developed strong working relationships with local and national governments that enable us to deliver projects rapidly, sustainably and effectively
  • Your organisation's support will leave a valuable legacy in the communities you choose to support

How you can help progress towards the SDGs

Our mission is a world in which every child has the chance to go to school. Providing basic primary education will always be our priority. To that end, United World Schools is committed to SDG 4, ensuring quality education for out-of-school children in the remote areas where we work.

But the story doesn’t end there…

Education is the key to unlock societal change, bringing improved health and wellbeing, greater gender equality, improved economic prospects, and long term ambitions and aspirations.

We are proud to be able to address seven additional SDGs through the secondary impact of our school projects and the long term benefits to the communities we support.

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