This Christmas, even a small donation could help a child dream big.

A child like Neelima*. In 2017, we built a school in Neelima's rural village in Nepal and she stepped foot in a classroom for the very first time. Now she is learning to read, write and count. Going to school is giving Neelima the chance to follow her dreams and one day become a teacher.

Around the world, more than 61 million children still don’t have the opportunity to follow their dreams.

By supporting the United World Schools Christmas Appeal, your impact will go much further than simply sending a child to school. A basic education will bring opportunity for decades to come. Education provides the means to sustainable food and clean water. Education improves health and reduces disease. Education helps to ensure the safety of girls and the survival of infants. Education equals the growth of an economy, the development of a country and the future of its communities. 

Give an extraordinary gift this Christmas.

You’ve already done amazing things to support United World Schools and our students. But if you can do just a little bit more, this Christmas we are asking you to help 5, 10, 50 or even 100 more children realise their dreams.

Send a child to school. Make their dreams a reality.

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