This Christmas, even a small donation could help a child dream big.

 A child like Neelima*. In 2017, we built a school in Neelima's rural village in Nepal and she stepped foot in a classroom for the very first time. Now she is learning to read, write and count. Going to school is giving Neelima the chance to follow her dreams and one day become a teacher.

Around the world, more than 61 million children still don’t have the opportunity to follow their dreams.

By supporting the United World Schools Christmas Appeal, your impact will go much further than simply sending a child to school. A basic education will bring opportunity for decades to come. Education provides the means to sustainable food and clean water. Education improves health and reduces disease. Education helps to ensure the safety of girls and the survival of infants. Education equals the growth of an economy, the development of a country and the future of its communities. 

Give an extraordinary gift this Christmas.


Send a child to school. Make their dreams a reality.


Working to make dreams a reality

Education transforms lives. United World Schools (UWS) works in some of the world's poorest regions to give every child access to free education. We partner with local communities and supporters around the world to teach the unreached. 

Meet Freddie

In 2012, UWS Roy School was built in Cambodia and 'Freddie' started attending. He was quickly given this nickname when the rest of the school discovered his remarkable singing voice, just like the singer Freddie Mercury.

In between attending school, Freddie was also responsible for taking the family buffalo to the river three times a day. Freddie felt lucky as his six older siblings had never had the chance to attend school.

When we met him in 2012, Freddie told us his biggest dream was to one day attend University. However, he feared that he wouldn't be able to continue his education after primary school as the closest secondary school was a five hour walk from his village. 

In 2018, our team met Freddie again. Despite his worries, he is now attending a government secondary school and he doesn't even have to make the long walk. Instead, he stays in a UWS dorm block built next door to the school. Freddie has great friends at school and is learning maths, science and Khmer. He also continues to sing at every opportunity! 

Now Freddie has the chance to follow his dream of attending University. Maybe one day, his name will be as famous as Freddie Mercury's. 

Help more children like Freddie realise their dreams

£4 could educate a child for one month 

*Name changed to protect identity