United World Schools Back To Childhood Donations

Matthew Ross

To help give children a better chance of a happier independent life.

Team UWS!

Charlotte Hunt

To raise funds for UWS Back to Childhood appeal and ensure that every child gets back into education

Big Orange Media Donate Your Commute

Kate Wright

Our mission this Christmas is to raise money to help children living in poverty overseas go to school. Big Orange Media is a marketing agency, and one of our specialisms is marketing for schools. We chose the United World Schools charity because they are doing great work in education!

Maren's School Fundraiser

Maren Hedermann

I'm a schools worker. My heart is that every child around the world has access to education and can do so without having to walk long distances in dangerous terrain.

The Principal's run 2020

CATS College Cambridge

CATS College Cambridge is an international school in the UK and we want to continue to support the Kham Pouk school in Cambodia as we have done for the last few years - sharing the gift of education .

Climb Everest for UWS Mude

Philipa Yugin-Power

The Covid-19 Pandemic will hit those living in the poorest regions the hardest.

Katie's #twopointsixchallenge

Katie Windridge

Being a teacher, I fully agree that education can transform lives. However, for those living in areas of deprivation, these educational opportunities are few and far between. Having visited Cambodia last year, I have witnessed first hand the effects of the Pol Pot regime and the poverty and hardship that has come about because of this. I want to support United World Schools in making a difference to the lives of young people living in Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal because everyone has the right to

Running for Life-Changing Education

Gabriela Braga

Help me raise money for United World Schools to keep vulnerable children at school so they can have brighter futures with more opportunities.

Donating to help educate thousands of children around the world

Unverified User

GNM is an organisation created by two dedicated students at MIS. From the start, GNM ( created four years ago) has always been devoted to the well-being of others. We are pursuing the educational needs of children all over the world. It is of utmost importance to us that all children have access to education.

help United World Schools by donating

Lina Whity

I am studdying the United World Schools in citizenship class and I would like to help you

Maksym and Hanna's Mini Marathon for UWS

Maksym Pidipryhora

I will run the Kyiv City Mini Marathon with my fiancée to raise money for UWS. #EducationForAll

Andrea's 50th fundraiser

Andrea Grossman

For my 50th birthday, I am raising money for UWS to give the gift of education to those in need.