Running for Life-Changing Education

Gabriela Braga

Help me raise money for United World Schools to keep vulnerable children at school so they can have brighter futures with more opportunities.

Donating to help educate thousands of children around the world

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GNM is an organisation created by two dedicated students at MIS. From the start, GNM ( created four years ago) has always been devoted to the well-being of others. We are pursuing the educational needs of children all over the world. It is of utmost importance to us that all children have access to education.

help United World Schools by donating

Lina Whity

I am studdying the United World Schools in citizenship class and I would like to help you

Maksym and Hanna's Mini Marathon for UWS

Maksym Pidipryhora

I will run the Kyiv City Mini Marathon with my fiancée to raise money for UWS. #EducationForAll

Andrea's 50th fundraiser

Andrea Grossman

For my 50th birthday, I am raising money for UWS to give the gift of education to those in need.

Farwell donations Gunilla, Bodil, Annika

Kristin Olsén

We believe that education is the best solution to solve poverty and a life in despair.

Building a New Classroom: Summer Drinks

Helen Packer

Help support a new classroom for UWS Khe Krom School.

Help Children in Myanmar Stay in School

Helen Packer

Children miss 272 million days of school every year due to sanitation-related illnesses. Help us change this.