"Help pay for Education" United World Schools Fundraiser

Valentin Fenk

We feel sympathy for the unfortunate children in 3rd world countries that don't have the ability to reach education. We are students that have such grateful opportunities to receive education and we are able to face this global issue by discussing and investigating this problem. Children that don't gain an education should not be hindered in their future life and therefore, we want to help such children by fundraising money in order for them to get the same opportunities.

SMLS - United World Schools

Vithusha Tharmarasa

Building a New Classroom: Summer Drinks

Helen Packer

Help support a new classroom for UWS Khe Krom School.

Farwell donations Gunilla, Bodil, Annika

Kristin Olsén

We believe that education is the best solution to solve poverty and a life in despair.

Birthday fundraiser

Bethany McIntosh

Help Children in Myanmar Stay in School

Helen Packer

Children miss 272 million days of school every year due to sanitation-related illnesses. Help us change this.