In September 2017, our Programmes Director Katy Brand and Executive Associate Sara Roberts made their way (from the UK Office and UWS Cambodia Headquarters respectively) to Billund, Denmark to take part in a three day ‘Train the Trainer’ course by Lego Foundation. We represented UWS alongside other major charities including UNICEF, Save the Children, SOS Children’s Villages and War Child.

Sara tells us about the training:

“Katy and I had a truly inspiring time in Denmark. We had fantastic, practical training in how to use Lego as an educational tool, and had the chance to share ideas about implementation with some incredible organisations. The entire training was conducted in a playful way, which helped to remind us of the importance of play in a child’s development, and how important it still is for us as adults too. Both of us were raring to go when we got back. Lego has the potential to hugely impact the quality of educational provision that we provide, and we felt immensely privileged to receive the training to make this happen.”

Creative learning was at the heart of the course. Workshops ranged from learning through play to collaborative games to creating activities with minimal resources. Sara returned to the UK office excited to test out some of the ‘Six Brick’ activities with the whole team. You can find a selection of these here. Meanwhile Katy flew back to Cambodia to lead Lego and Duplo training sessions with our Education Officers.

By the time doors open in November for the new term, our Education Officers will have delivered these practical sessions to UWS and Government teachers across each of school clusters who, in turn, will begin incorporating brick-based activities into their lessons.

In the meantime, boxes of Lego and Duplo has arrived at Phnom Penh Airport and begun its journey across the country to our Central Office in Banlung. Escorted by our UWS Cambodia Team, these boxes of bricks are expected to arrive this week before being distributed to our network of UWS Schools and Kindergartens.


Thank you to the team at the LEGO Foundation for this generous donation and the fantastic training that we received in how to use it.