What is the Girls Will Be Girls campaign?

Girls Will Be Girls is our campaign aiming to help over 10,000 girls from remote and marginalised communities across Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar and Madagascar to get a life-changing education. T
he UK government will match donations made by the UK public between 21st April - 21st July 2022 up to £2 million.

By making a gift today, you could help girls from some of the poorest and most remote communities in the world get access to education by building schools, improving hygiene facilities, supporting girls at high risk of dropping out, setting up community groups and training teachers to cast out gender stereotypes. 

Educating girls is proven to be one of the most powerful ways to change the world; it empowers them to break gender barriers, earn more, marry later and have a positive ripple effect on communities, future generations and even the environment. With your help, girls will be fearless, pioneering, successful, happy… girls will get the chance to go to school with their heads held high and choose their own future.

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Why are we focusing on girls’ education? 

Right now, 129 million girls in some of the world’s poorest places are missing out on an education, denied their greatest chance to fulfil their potential.

Almost half the countries around the world have still not reached gender parity in the classroom. When families can only send one child to school, often it’s a son who is chosen. 

Even when they are able to get to school, girls are being held back in the classroom by damaging gender stereotypes – told they can’t be too outspoken, too ambitious or too independent. All because they’re a girl. 

Girls from the remote, ethnic minority communities where we work are disproportionately affected. The girls who do attend school are at higher risk of dropping out by the time they reach their teens, due to the risk of child marriage and social stigma surrounding menstruation. 

We believe that no child should be held back just because she happened to be born a girl, and that every child deserves the chance to go to school and fulfil their potential.

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What does it mean to double my donation? 

For every £1 you give to United World Schools before the 21st July 2022, the UK government will match your donation by giving £1. 

All your donations will help girls in Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal and Madagascar tear down barriers to education, go to school with their heads held high and choose their own future. 

Match funding from the UK government will be used to help over 10,000 girls across 163 remote and marginalised communities in Cambodia and Nepal to get an education, stay in school and achieve their potential to become strong, equal, happy… whatever they want to be.

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How will the Girls Will Be Girls campaign make a difference?

Educate a girl and she will change the world. By giving her choice over her own future, she can break the cycle of poverty, empower future generations and transform entire communities. 

Your gift will be doubled, but your impact could be limitless. Not only will your support give girls a choice over their own future, but each of the incredible 10,000 girls you’re helping will prove to others what’s possible when girls are given a chance, leading the way for even more girls to be given access to education. 

According to the UN, for every additional year of primary school, a girl is likely to earn 10-20% more when they grow up. Not only that, but they’re likely to challenge outdated gendered expectations such as child marriage by choosing to marry later. 

Studies even show that educating girls is one of the most powerful ways to combat the climate crisis. Education is vital in developing women’s green skills, helping them mitigate the effects of climate disasters and empowering them to become leaders in protecting the planet.

And if they choose to become mothers one day, the chances of their children surviving past the age of 5 increases, and they’ll be much more likely to push to educate their own children. This will create a powerful ripple effect, breaking the cycle of poverty and bringing our world closer to the day when no girl is restricted by the circumstance of her birth. It all starts with them – and with you.

Give before 21st July 2022 and the UK government will double your donation - so that we can make double the difference to girls around the world.

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