16th June 2018

Once a UWS school has been built, the hard work might appear to be over, but really it has only just begun. Established in 2011, UWS Padol School has been flourishing for a good few years.

It is thanks to the support of our amazing sponsors and partners that UWS Padol School has been able to achieve such continued success. In fact, the school has been so successful that last year we found it was bursting at the seams with students eager to learn! Luckily, the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity stepped in, supporting the construction of a brand new classroom in UWS Padol School. With this new learning space, the school has continued to grow, and we look forward to enrolling an additional 40 students for the new school year in November. Here are just a couple of examples of how UWS Padol School is changing lives in the community.

Meet Doeur Sall

Doeur Sall is 14 years old and loves coming to Padol School each day to play with her friends and gain knowledge. Her favourite subject is Maths, and she reads the previous day’s lesson before coming to school each day. Her favourite person at school is her teacher, who has inspired her to have career ambitions. When Doeur Sall grows up, she wants to be a policeman. In her free time, she likes reading books and playing with her friends.




Meet Sreyo Roman

Sreyo Roman is 13 years old, and likes coming to school to learn new things. His favourite subject is science, and he would like to teach science to children in his village when he is older. In his free time, he enjoys visiting his friend’s houses and reading books.


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By gaining an education, Doeur Sall and Sreyo Roman are not only developing their own abilities, they are improving the opportunities for their families and communities. Doeur Sall will develop the skills needed to gain work outside of her family’s farm. For Sreyo Roman, his ambition to teach children in his village will benefit his family financially, and  further  enhance opportunities for his local community by passing on an education.

Doeur Sall and Sreyo Roman are just two of many students that are thoroughly enjoying and benefiting from an education at UWS Padol School. With the support of the Thomas Cook Children’s Charity and all the wonderful partners of UWS Padol School, we are thrilled to be able to give even more children these life-changing opportunities.

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