November 2017

All of us at United World Schools (UWS) are deeply saddened by the plight of the people in Rakhine State, Myanmar. With their situation prominent in the news, we wanted to update you on our progress in Myanmar over the last few years. 

UWS’ mission is to ‘teach the unreached’, a mission that commits us to working in fragile states. To achieve this, we develop schools that support unreached and under-represented groups. We work where we are needed most.

We are passionate about the rights of children, and specifically their right to access a basic education. Our programmes work is conducted sensitively and sustainably. We commit to the NGO principles of do-no-harm. To achieve our aims, we work in partnership with national and local government, in a way that aligns with our mission, vision, values and principles.

We have been working in the Shan State of Myanmar since 2014, supporting indigenous and marginalised communities. We are very proud of our achievements in teaching the unreached. Thank you to the individuals, Partner Schools and Partner Organisations who have generously supported us and our work in Myanmar.

Together, through a long-term investment in education, we are creating a pathway to improved livelihoods, peace and understanding. We have given educational access to over 2,000 children in remote and marginalised communities in Myanmar, and are committed to continue our work and reach many thousands more.